"Many years ago I found out something about hamburgers that really grossed me out. You may not know this, so I hope I don’t make you sick, but it turns out hamburgers are actually made out of dead cows. I am not making this up. Needless to say, as soon as I discovered that, I gave up meat entirely."

—Weird Al Yankovich, on his decision to go veg


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You could at least spell his name right.

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theonewithouteyebrows replied to your post “Man y’all are weak as hell. That wasn’t even a little freaky.”

Junji Ito? Love his stuff. Those drawings are just amazing.

Yeah like the art was cool as hell but that was weak. Not scary at all. 

I mean I know I’ve been desensitized by years on /b/ before /b/ became basically a second outpost of the SJWs from tumblr, but come on, that wouldn’t have even been a little freaky when I was still in school.

theonewithouteyebrows People are talking to me omg